My First Words

Learn more than 120 word in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Lear more than 120 words

There is no greater satisfaction than hear your baby say their first word or have a small conversation with your toddler. Your baby may say their first word from as early as 4 to 6 months, and by the time they’re 18 months, they may even be able to string a simple sentence of two or three words.

Research has shown that taking a couple of minutes a day to read or play with your baby, encouraging them to repeat some words, will dramatically increase their language skills, as well as strengthen your emotional bonds.

My First Words is an attractive puzzle for children +1 years old, developed to teach them how to say the name of common objects that surround them.

The game includes 14 boards with different themes containing more than 120 words of their environment to learn. It also includes some advanced words to encourage the development of the children who are already speaking.

Key features

Includes more than 120 vocalized words in 3 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese), you can even use the game to learn languages.

A nice character will accompany the child while improving his vocabulary.

14 Boards with different themes of everyday objects: household items, toys, bathroom, kitchen and much more.

Carefully designed so that younger children can play without assistance and safely.


Target Ages

Matching Puzzle

Improves Vocabulary

Visual Perception

Object Classification

Trains Concentration

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