Happy Daycare Stories

Get in charge of a colorful daycare center, to nurse 5 charming characters in 7 different rooms.

Let your imagination fly

As children grow, they are exposed to new experiences and their imaginations expand. In an effort to better understand their worlds, children pretend play, or role play. Happy Daycare Stories put children in charge of a colourful daycare center, to nurse 5 charming characters in 7 different rooms and provides a safe environment to play, where pieces are impossible to lose and never break, letting their imagination run wild.

In Happy Daycare Stories, every room is an exploring adventure itself and has been conceived to allow different activities and role plays to encourage their natural imagination. An entrance with a swimming pool, a playground with dozens of toys in its cabinets, a kitchen full of dishes, glasses and pots to play with, a theatre to make their own musical band, a cozy bedroom with 5 beds for nap time, a bathroom and a fruit garden. The game contains hundreds of toys and different objects, allowing thousands of different interactions.

Key features

Explore and play in 7 different rooms full of activities.

You will be in charge of 5 charming children eager to play.

Lots of toys and objects, and thousands of possible interactions.

Without rules and goals, just fun to create your own stories.

Kid safe environment for children aged 2 to 8, no third party ads.


Target Ages


Encourages Imagination

Improves creativity

Introduction to Responsibility

No Rules or Goals

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