We're a video games studio based in Madrid, Spain, with the purposes of creating fun, pedagogical, nonviolent and stimulating games for kids and the whole family.


Happy kids

It's all about them

There is a child behind every single download. And with every download we ask ourselves, Is he/she having fun? Is he/she learning something new? A genie of the lamp told us to ask for a wish, “Another download” we answered. It was totally worth it.


We develop games so kids are in a controlled and safe environment. Without external ads and with appropriate content for the youngest children.


Our games are extremely easy to use. With an specifically adapted interface, children can enjoy our apps without assistance, fostering their sense of exploration and self-esteem.


We know that our games have a responsibility in the education of children. That is why we promote social values and healthy habits to complete their education.


Children are able to do amazing things with the right tools. Our games seek to contribute to their development promoting different areas of their personal growth.

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We seriously believe that we have a very important mission in the development of children. To do this, we work to provide innovative content, with the highest quality and with responsible values. We are looking for the best professionals to help PlayToddlers and its users grow.

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