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Central Hospital Stories
Central Hospital Stories
Create your own hospital story!

Experience the excitement of a busy medical center on this cutting-edge Hospital, with 37 characters of different species, ages and genres.

Vacation Hotel Stories

Create your own hotel story!

Enjoy your dream vacation on a luxurious family hotel, with 24 charming characters and 4 exotic tours to explore.

Sunny School Stories

Create your own school story!

Play in the school of your dreams, with 23 charming characters and 13 different locations to explore.

Daily Shopping Stories

Create your own shops story!

The most exciting shopping center ever! Discover 16 spaces with 7 shops and outdoor areas, and 13 characters of different ages and occupations.

Sweet Home Stories

Create your own family story!

Join a family of 6 lovely characters in their day to day life. Play, explore and have fun in a cozy house with 7 different rooms.

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